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A safe room can provide the ultimate life safety protection for you and your family from the dangerous forces of severe winds and tornadoes. In April 2011, the Harrison family survived the tornado outbreak that took 250 lives in Alabama because they took action to protect themselves ahead of time. Learn more about their incredible tornado survival story and how you can protect your family from deadly tornadoes.

A father's decision to build a safe room saves his family

It's hard to find more dramatic proof that disaster preparedness saves lives than a now-famous, concrete-block safe room in Athens, Ala. That tiny haven withstood a deadly outbreak of tornadoes on April 27, 2011 and turned the survivors inside it into powerful witnesses for the cause of safety planning.

Kevin and Sarabeth Harrison are convinced that they and their two young children are alive today thanks to the room they built in the corner of their garage. They huddled there while violent weather raged outside. Moreover, the instant they emerged from their shelter to view a neighborhood reduced to piles of rubble, they knew the truth: they prevented a tragedy through careful planning.

The Harrisons had lived the very message of disaster preparedness that the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) communicates around the world. The couple is thankful that this crucial point hit home with them about a year before the tornadoes struck their neighborhood. (more)

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