Thunderstorms: People With Disabilities - Power Outage Safety

Material provided by Federal Alliance for Safe Homes

If you use a battery-operated wheelchair, life-support system or other power-dependent equipment, call your power company before power outages threaten.

Many utility companies keep a list and map of the locations of power-dependent customers in case of an emergency. Ask them what alternatives are available in your area. Contact the customer service department of your local utility company(ies) to learn if this service is available in your community. 

If you use a motorized wheelchair or scooter, have an extra battery. A car battery also can be used with a wheelchair but will not last as long as a wheelchair's deep-cycle battery.

If available, store a lightweight manual wheelchair for backup. 

If you are blind or have a visual disability, store a talking or Braille clock or large-print timepiece with extra batteries. 

If you are deaf or have a hearing loss, consider getting a small portable battery-operated television set.

Emergency broadcasts may give information in American Sign Language (ASL) or open captioning.