Extreme Temperatures: Surviving a Winter Storm

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Winter storms pose serious threats to people, pets and property. Extreme cold, freezing rain, snow and strong winds can be especially dangerous in areas unaccustomed to severe winter weather. Take precautions now to protect your family and your home. 

Before a Storm Hits

  • Keep space heaters away from flammable materials such as curtains and furniture. NEVER leave them unattended!  
  • Bring pets indoors.  
  • Gather firewood for supplemental heating sources such as a fireplace, wood stove, etc. or secure extra supplies of home heating fuel.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation. 
  • Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in the home.  
  • Move all vehicles inside the garage if possible.  
  • Trim back tree branches near the home that might snap under the load of accumulating snow and ice.  
  • Insulate all exposed water pipes outside the home; open spigots to allow a small, continuous drip to prevent freezing.  
  • Protect your roof against heavy snow and ice loads; clean gutters.  
  • Always remove garden hoses and drain water from spigots.