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Install Surge Protection  

Electrical surges from lightning can destroy electronic devices in your home, but this damage can be lessened or prevented by installing a system of surge protection that consists of point-of-use devices and whole house surge devices. 

Surge Protection Devices  

These systems protect electronic and electrical appliances from all but the most severe electrical surges or direct strikes. They should be installed at all items to be protected. A good electrical grounding system is essential. 

Lightning Protection Systems  

These systems provide a direct path for lightning to follow to the ground rather than through the house structure and its wiring. Please note: A lightning protection system will not protect a home from electrical damage or fire from lightning entering through the telephone, cable or electrical lines to the house. Whole house surge protection devices are needed for this protection. Consult a qualified contractor for installation. 

Whole-House Surge Protection  

A whole-house surge protection system can be installed on the electric meter or the electrical panel to help protect the appliances and electronic equipment in your house such as computers, TVs and VCRs. Contact your local electric company for installation information. If your utility company doesn't offer the service, a qualified electrician can install this device at your electrical panel.