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QuakeSmart Community Resilience Program
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Streetview of businessesBusinesses and organizations have three options for recognition through the QuakeSmart Community Resilience Program. The three levels can be achieved either independently or as a group and include SPACE, SYSTEMS and STRUCTURE.

1. SPACE includes the contents of your workspace such as furniture, computers or equipment, tall shelving, filing cabinets, hanging artwork and free-standing partitions.

2. SYSTEMS include utility systems and nonstructural architectural elements, i.e. air compressors, built-in partitions, propane tanks, fuel tanks, suspended space heaters, water heaters, windows and automatic fire sprinkler systems.

3. STRUCTURE includes architectural and structural elements of the building, especially construction types that may be vulnerable to collapse or failure during an earthquake such as concrete tilt-up, unreinforced masonry, unreinforced concrete construction, or unreinforced soft story construction. The STRUCTURE recognition level also includes the building facade to help identify unreinforced or unanchored brick or exterior architectural elements.

It is important to remember that injury, damage, concurrent damage, cascading disasters like fire following the earthquake, business interruption or even increased repair or recovery costs can come from SPACE, SYSTEMS or STRUCTURE failures. As a result, the first step in the QuakeSmart Community Resilience Program is to complete a "Back to Business" self-assessment to identify vulnerabilities from any source.

The Program is intended to be used along with the QuakeSmart Business Toolkit as a means to recognize and reward organizations who undertake mitigation to protect employees, customers, and continuity. Businesses may apply for one recognition level or all three. Click here, email info@flash.org, or call (877) 221-SAFE (7233) to get started today.

QuakeSmart Mitigation Inspection Program
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A Hayward. California business owner participates in the QuakeSmart Mitigation Inspection Program.Certain Fire Prevention Departments are now piloting the QuakeSmart Mitigation Inspection Program which incorporates nonstructural mitigation inspections into required annual fire inspections. The annual fire and safety inspection is an excellent opportunity to evaluate businesses’ nonstructural hazards and help owners understand how earthquakes may interrupt operations, cause injuries or even deaths.

Interested in having a QuakeSmart Mitigation Inspection conducted by your local fire department? Contact us to see if the program is available in your area.

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Community Resilience Program for Businesses and Organizations
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