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Become Quakesmart

Complete the Back to Business (BTB) Self-Assessment to determine the specific areas your business needs to address to mitigate risk and return to operation following a disaster.

Develop a plan
  1. Based on the information in the BTB, complete the QuakeSmart Mitigation Project Plan for SPACE, SYSTEMS and STRUCTURE to identify mitigation actions needed to ensure safety and business continuity. Completing this plan will bring you one-step closer to recognition as a QuakeSmart Resilient Community Member.

  2. Review the QuakeSmart Quick Reference Guide to determine which mitigation actions you want to take based on potential impacts to your business.

  3. Use the Cost Assessment Worksheet to estimate the costs of mitigation.
Take action
  1. Make sure that your plan is approved by the building owner if you are leasing the building. (See specific instructions in the QuakeSmart Business Toolkit, page 12.) Always check with your local building official for any mitigation certification for SYSTEMS and STRUCTURE. You should also ask if your city participates in the U.S. Resiliency Council’s CoRE Rating System.

  2. Perform mitigation activities as prioritized in the Mitigation Project Plan. Document your mitigation as instructed in the application for SPACE, SYSTEMS and/or STRUCTURE with photographs, receipts or letters from an engineer or design professional.

  3. Complete the application at the end of this packet for recognition as a QuakeSmart Resilient Community Member.

After you have completed these steps, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing you have done your part to promote safety, and mitigate potential loss. Thank you for your dedication and welcome to the QuakeSmart Community.


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Community Resilience Program for Businesses and Organizations
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