Earthquakes: Gas and Water Lines - Flexible Connections

Material provided by Federal Alliance for Safe Homes

Because most gas and water lines are rigid, they can be torn from their connection points during an earthquake. The results could include not only serious damage to your property but also injury to you and others. A broken gas line is especially serious because of the potential for a fire or even an explosion.

One way to prevent broken gas and water lines is to have flexible connection pipes installed between appliances and their supply lines. The same method can be used for other appliances, such as a hot water heater, clothes dryer, stove or gas furnace. A licensed contractor can usually do this for you easily.

Benefits of Using This Mitigation Strategy


Keep these points in mind when you have flexible connections installed:

Estimated Costs

Having a flexible connection installed on a furnace or another large appliance will cost approximately $75.

Technical Information Provided by FEMA