The DisasterSmart program is an education initiative for leaders who are seeking to advance disaster resilience by fostering an environment with strong, well-built residential homes as the foundation for community resilience.

The program promotes understanding of resilience policy fundamentals that include building codes, beyond-code mitigation, incentive-aligned relief programs, public-private initiatives, and smart disaster finance. These provide a path to increased public safety, more disaster-resistant structures, and preservation of a community’s workforce in a post-disaster climate.

Creating community-wide disaster resilience is a broad-based undertaking. Leaders at every level of government can promote life safety, economic stability, and overall welfare in the face of natural disasters. Putting proactive policies in place before earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and other natural disasters strike will help save lives, decrease financial losses, and ensure that communities bounce back swiftly following an event. Action ahead of disaster also can mitigate secondary impacts like fire, power outages, transportation interruption, and water contamination.

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